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  • Mary Schreiber Swenson Phd.

Medical Tourism In South Korea

After the worldwide covid-19 pandemic prompted a major decrease in international travel due to lockdown restrictions and curb-the-spread tourism policies, advancements in healthcare and the mass global adoption of vaccines against the novel virus have seen countries across the map opened up their doors to foreign travelers once more. With health and wellness brought to the forefront of the collective psyche over the past year and a half, more and more people are looking to waste no more time and take advantage of the newly reopened borders, looking abroad from their home countries for external care to fix serious medical issues. As such, Medical Korea has become one of the go-to solutions for international patients looking to receive quality care at an affordable price, providing medical tourists with access to the top hospitals, clinics and surgeons across South Korea.

Why Korea?

Filled with a robust number of internationally regarded medical schools, South Korea produces some of the top surgeons across continental Asia, where many remain to practice medicine. At the forefront of burgeoning technology, Medical Korea is capable of offering its patients access to gold-standard personnel and innovative, state-of-the-art-treatments. Likewise, South Korean clinics offer more than double the amount of hospital beds reported on average by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation index, as well as more CT scanners and MRI units per capita than the majority of rival nations.

Featuring low-costs compared to expensive healthcare systems in countries like the United States, those seeking care at Medical Korea allows many to seek life-saving treatments for issues like heart disease, that would potentially otherwise go uncared for in another country due to its exorbitant expense.

Treatments That Work

Thanks to its world class team of medical professionals, Medical Korea has managed an impressive decrease in mortality rate in the facility’s treatments of cancers, bumping thyroid cancer survival rates by 100.1 percent, prostate cancer by 91.9 percent and breast survival cancer up by 91.2 percent five years post-surgery.

By implementing tech marvels like robotics into the operating room, Medical Korea has also fostered a major uptick in organ transplant vitality. Five years post-op kidney transplants performed at Medical Korea have a survival rate of 94.7 percent, pancreas at 92.8 percent and liver at 77.8 percent -- a success rate even higher than the United States’ own.

With its premier and lengthy roster of staff and clinics available to patients, Medical Korea can facilitate major surgeries like open heart surgery and aforementioned transplants simultaneously alongside cosmetic treatments like rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries, offering the best of South Korean medical care to problems of all kinds.

An Industry Well-Cared For

Those worried about seeking care in a foreign country need fear not -- South Korea has put in place government policies to protect medical tourists from potential malpractice. A registration system enforced by South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare has made medical liability insurance mandatory, protecting patients 100 percent of the time, and increased the quality of care nationwide to the highest of standards.

Medical tourism clinics are likewise evaluated and certified by the Korean Accreditation Program for Hospitals Serving Foreign Patients (KAHF), ensuring all of Medical Korea’s services are fully government-approved.

Surgery, Streamlined

With Medical Korea, seeking treatment is easy from no matter where you’re located across the globe. With virtual online consultations and a full-service operation to help with visas and travel logistics, deciding to take the next steps to receive much-needed treatment is as simple as the click of a mouse.

For those looking for the best care available at an actually affordable rate -- search no more: visit Medical Korea’s website today for an online consultation today and get started on your own personal journey toward peak physical wellness.

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