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  • Mary Schreiber Swenson

Make Room, Millennial Start-Ups: Over 50’s Femtechs Are Here to Make an Impact

Though the modern technology market is mainly thought of as dominated by Millennials and Gen Zers, that’s not to say that older generations don’t have a concentrated stake in its development; according to Forbes, more than 38 percent of over 50 adults play video games. Surprisingly to some, women – another overlooked demographic in the tech space – make up 40 percent of these over 50 gamers.

Still, with such trends showing older women’s interest in technology, why are there so few over 50 femtechs? One could look at the demographics of the tech industry itself, which is overwhelmingly male (73.2 percent men compared to 26.8 percent women) and young, with the average age of a developer sitting at just 29 years old, to arrive at conclusions, but the problem seems to come from the top down. According to Business Insider, femtechs as a whole have been stalled by the saturation of male venture capitalists and lack of female ones, as only 15% of 2021’s venture capital partners were women.

As women across the globe are becoming increasingly empowered in the 21st century, having visionary women leading by example in the femtech sector could inspire a new era of female innovators, while the current generation of femtech ventures is already attempting to address gender-wide issues that have been often overlooked by men in charge. Thus, it's becoming increasingly imperative that femtechs are given a platform and the chance to move the goalposts in favor of women market-wide.

For ​​Dr. Mary Schreiber Swenson of renowned medical tourism agency MyMedChoices, empowering her fellow women has been an integral part of her storied career. Now, Dr. Swenson is showing the demonstrable acumen of over 50 women in the technology space with her upcoming platform MySmilesChoices, a global platform looking to put control of the dental marketplace back into the hands of its patients.

Utilizing her experience throughout the travel for treatment sector, Dr. Swenson has infused MySmilesChoices with a robust variety of choices and options for dental care across the globe, as well as for finding a second opinion. The platform is also boosted by the expertise of MySmilesChoices’ cofounder, Dr. Swenson’s Australian business partner that further provides intersectionality in user experience through their part in the LGBT community.

“Far too long, dental patients have been limited by information and by choice when making decisions about theirs and their family's dentistry,” revealed Dr. Swenson. “Our state-of-the-art-technology connects patients with procedure specific dental providers across the globe.”

“MySmilesChoices allows the patient to shop for dental care, view transparent pricing, contact the provider via telehealth options and book an appointment anywhere on the globe,” continues Dr. Swenson. “Putting the control back in the hands of the patient and turning dental care into a commodity that can be bought and sold and negotiated.”

Next up, Dr. Swenson will prove the power of over 50 femtechs and their visionary projects by presenting at youngStartup Ventures Venture Summit on July 19th and 20th in Silicon Valley.

“We are on a mission to democratize healthcare,” concludes Dr. Swenson.

Please contact MySmilesChoices’s for more on how you can get started on your dental care journey today.

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