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  • Mary Schreiber Swenson

Investors Need to Put More Monies into Ventures Led by Female Entrepreneurs, the Overlooked Group

All across the globe, investors are beginning to take note of female-led start-ups – especially those in the health space, as companies created by women, for women, are creating reverberating impacts across the modern wellness space. As a result, venture capital funding has gone up for these projects in turn, tripling femtech investments from $600 million in 2015 to more than $1.9 billion in 2021 alone. Despite this upward growth, there’s still plenty of work to be done: only 3 percent of U.S. health venture capital deals since 2011 have involved femtech.

Still, while the business world at large is starting to understand and embrace the wonders of the femtech revolution, one segment of the female population deserves an increased spotlight on the femtech stage: women over 55.

Many femtech projects and ventures available on the market now are marketed toward women’s fertility, a health issue only experienced by younger members of the female population. According to a report by Rock Health, “65% of all femtech funding has gone to these areas, while less than 45% of the female population in the U.S. is of reproductive age.”

As such, there needs to be a more robust and comprehensive offering of femtech ventures that involve and include women of all ages and demographics – and uplifting over-55 female entrepreneurial voices in the space could be the solution to femtech’s presently-skewed audience and provide a launching point to expanding femtech beyond fertility issues.

This means venture capital investors need to be more germane in what platforms and projects they put their money towards; as older women continue to get more involved in the online space, the time is ripe to invest in potentially life-saving platforms that take this important population of women, mothers, and caregivers into account.

At MySmileChoices, empowering women (and the rest of the world) through the wonders of a healthy smile is what medical tourism thought-leader and company founder Dr. Mary Swenson hopes to achieve, while democratizing dental care along the way. As a female entrepreneur over 55 herself, Dr. Swenson’s unparalleled understanding about what modern women not only need, but deserve in healthcare, is palpable throughout the entire platform.

“MySmilesChoices allows the patient to shop for dental care, view transparent pricing, contact the provider via telehealth options and book an appointment anywhere on the globe,” says Dr. Swenson. “Putting the control back in the hands of the patient and turning dental care into a commodity that can be bought and sold and negotiated.”

“Far too long, dental patients have been limited by information and by choice when making decisions about theirs and their family's dentistry,” added Dr. Swenson. “Our state-of-the-art-technology connects patients with procedure specific dental providers across the globe.”

For more information on MySmileChoices, please contact Dr. Swenson at today.

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