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  • Mary Schreiber Swenson

How the Covid-19 Pandemic Accelerated Medical Tourism’s Dental Telehealth Industry

As the Covid-19 pandemic forced many industries to adapt to the new-normal of social distancing and lockdown measures, the healthcare sector perhaps had the most transformational change. With a heightened emphasis on wellness brought forth to the world by the international health crisis, many healthcare providers and professionals have begun embracing telehealth as a new avenue for routine check-ins and consultations.

The dental sector has been no different, likewise experiencing widespread transformations throughout the pandemic and resulting in telehealth’s rising prominence in the industry. New digitized platforms have allowed dental professionals to compare pricing for available materials necessary for relevant procedures and practices, making for a more transparent industry that’s financial-equifiying effects are likely to trickle down toward patients’ price tags.

This has also allowed patients from around the world to check in and consult with doctors located in other countries, expanding the impact of medical tourism and travel for treatment, as well as give people a much-needed second opinion outside of their local provider.

While the reduction of travel restrictions and border closures across the world has once again allowed people to visit their local dentist, the lasting effects of the pandemic’s telehealth revolution can still be felt throughout the international patient base.

Now, many people who were formerly unaware about their access to global dental professionals have been encouraged to seek cost-efficient care abroad, or in the very least, find another experienced secondary opinion to ensure they’re following the correct course of treatment for their dental needs.

At MySmileChoices, our mission is to continue democratizing dental care access by providing patients around the world with access to the world’s leading dentistry professionals in-person and via telehealth, utilizing both domestic and international medical tourism and travel for treatment to match people with the care they both deserve and can afford.

Though local dentistry can often be burdened by a lack of pricing transparency, MySmileChoices helps its clients target exactly what procedures they need and the highest quality-to-price ratio they can afford, tapping into its extensive network of the world’s top healthcare destinations – including dental-focused countries like Mexico, Thailand, Poland, Turkey, Costa Rica, and the Philippines – to democratize dental care and finally put the power of choice back into consumers’ hands.

While planning a medical tourism trip for dental or other needs can be confusing, it doesn’t have to be: please contact for more on how you can get started on your dental travel for treatment journey today.

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